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    Altona: 4 Bennet Drive, Altona North, Victoria โ€“ 3025 | Phone:

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    Glenroy: 110 Wheatsheaf Rd, Glenroy, Victoria โ€“ 3046 | Phone:

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    Lara: Suite 8 1-3 Waverley Road, Lara, Victoria โ€“ 3212 | Phone:

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Emergency Repairs

Have you damaged your dentures and need help fast? You’ve come to the right place! If your denture damage is an emergency and you need now, we’ll prioritise you! If your dentures are damaged, broken, or chipped, bring them to the Denture Care Clinic and we’ll repair them.

It’s important to note that denture repair should only be performed by a professional. Dentures are expensive equipment which, if repaired in the wrong way, will only create more damage. If you use dentures that have not been repaired properly, you can also accentuate the damage to the false teeth.

Denture Repairs

These days, dentures are made very robust, but dropping them onto hard surfaces, such as tiles or porcelain sinks, can damage the material. It’s also true that changes in your mouth over time can put pressure on your dentures and create cracks and fissures. Don’t worry: we can have your dentures repaired and back in working order in no time!

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